knitting socks | week 19

It is Thursday and time for socks!

Yesterday was Wednesday and time for healing my gaping wounds.

The day before that was Tuesday and time for my wisdom tooth extraction.

The day before that was Monday and time for the dentist.

The days before that I wanted to cry.

And that was my week.


I was all hopeful in last weeks post, high on heels and thinking I could actually pull out a finished sock. But then my left wisdom tooth decided to make itself known for the second time and began to do a bit more of the dreaded ‘growing’. It had started doing its thing last year and then went into rest mode for a while. It was doing its ‘growing’ all wrong however, and it made me sad and infected. I went to my regular dentist last week (who I don’t like because he never takes his face mask off so I don’t know what he actually looks like). The masked dentist said ‘uh uh uh. Antibiotics go away now come back in a year.’ I didn’t like that answer, so I went to my mums dentist who is nice and I know what he looks like. He said ‘Out they come now or later!’ I said NOW. Then he said ‘ And the other one!’ I said see you next week!

With all the dentist meet ups, I did not knit much. I knitted on Thursday and Friday last week, and that is when the photo was taken. I’m looking to get some done over the weekend, as I contemplate my next extraction on Monday.

As always, let us know if you want to join in with the sock Thursday theme we have going on. We are all knitting socks using different methods, so it’s worth hopping over to see Paula from Spin A Yarn, and Alex from Alex and Knits. Go see what socks they got!


10 thoughts on “knitting socks | week 19

  1. Oh no! Your poor teeth 😦 I had two of my wisdom teeth out when I was 17 and then the other two wound up impacted and I had to have surgery (the kind where they put you to sleep) to have them removed when I was 23. Both were painful. So, I feel for you! I hope you feel better soon. Your sock is looking good, though!

  2. Yikes. I only ever had two wisdom teeth but they made my life miserable enough for four. Thankfully we parted ways back in the 80s and I remember how that went, so I sorta feel your pain. Hope you will be feeling more like your self soon and get your socks back on track. Enjoy your day.

  3. Good girl! You don’t mess around with wisdom teeth. Or dentists that hide their faces! I had all four out at once. Stayed at my mom’s to get better. Was so woozy from the drugs, I fell down the stairs. Well, more like slid down the stairs on my ummmm. Your socks look quite lovely and I’m sure you’ll get heels in them soon. Meanwhile, avoid heavy machinery, stairs, and knitting. 😉

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