knitting socks | week 20 ish.

It is Thursday and time to talk about socks!


Look! I’m really really close to finishing my sock! I’m so happy. You see the purple stripe just after the heel? That was where I was three days ago. I have been rather slow when it came to this sock project. Sometimes I just didn’t like it, then I would get inspired again and pick it up. So I’ve been knitting it on and off for months.

I hadn’t knitted it for a couple of weeks as I was busy moving to Portland, but now I’m here and I have a home I’ve been having nice relaxed mornings doing sock knitting. And watching The X-Files. I’m so bewildered at how good US Netflix is! I’ve calculated that 1 stripe is an episode.

I’m settling in well here. I have moved in with another lady and her cat. She isn’t crazy. Her cat has a meow that sounds like she is saying wow! so I feel pretty darn special when I come downstairs in the morning. We have little conversations.


you think?


I thought so too.


I can’t believe it either!

I showed her my sock and nothing was said. But she liked my phone, using it as a place to rub her face. Cats these days…

As per usual, go and check in with my fellow sock knitters. They are the real cats meow!

Paula from Spin a Yarn

Alex from Alex and Knits

I am happy to report two more knitters who are knitting socks and talking about it on a Thursday!

Katherine from Fiber and Sustenance

Jennifer from A Creative Yarn

If you want to join with us, all you have to do is post about socks on a Thursday and we will link you in each of our posts πŸ™‚ Just let us know!






18 thoughts on “knitting socks | week 20 ish.

  1. Hey Hannah! We have another sock knitter who has joined our Thursday Sock-a-Long! Check out my latest blog post for her info. I know that Alex has another lady in her post; however I haven’t seen anything from her other than her original sock post (and she only linked to Alex)…so I haven’t linked her up yet. Your sock is looking awesome…soon you will have a finished pair! I’m so happy that you’ve found a place to live and are out of the hostel. And yes, Netflix is Ah-mazing. I’m also excited that we have the newest season (6) of The Great British Baking Show on PBS. We’ve watched the first episode and are looking forward to seeing who wins. Of course, that means that we can’t Google it, or we’ll find out. I hope all works out with your new roomie and I can’t wait to hear more about your conversations with the cat πŸ˜€

    1. OH MY GAWD bake off. I know who wins… hehe. That is a really good season with lots of tears! Thanks for the info – I will go over and check out our newbies! I can’t tell you the relief of being in a bedroom that is mine all mine! πŸ™‚

      1. Don’t tell me! I wish we were able to get the episodes sooner; however, I am grateful that we get to see it at all. I love that show! It’s much more posh than reality tv in the US. No one backstabbing or making someone feel bad. I understand your joy! I had to share a room with my little sister for my whole life until I turned 18 and moved out. It was so nice having my own space πŸ˜€

      2. I will keep it secret! But that means I won’t get to see this years until next year… uh oh. No one will be mean when Mary Berry is around! I can’t believe you survived 18 years sharing a room. That’s like prison.

  2. Cats are awesome, aren’t they? You’re going to love living with one, and try not to mind the bits of cat hair that will soon be intermingling with you knitting projects. Your sock looks great!

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