knitting socks | finished. Week 21 or something.


Y A Y !

I finished the socks!

erm…I did actually finish them about two weeks ago, but I was too overwhelmed with new job training and new friend dating ( I found a fellow textiles lover at work! ) to even think about words and typing. But you don’t mind about that, I’m sure! I can fully say that I am living it up like a proper Portlander now and it is just great. I swear I’m going to start yoga soon, then I will be the ultimate Portland resident! Just you wait. I did see a pattern for yoga socks the other day…

Anyway… onto these socks. It is Thursday after all and time to talk about socks!

So, my first sock took me 99 days. Yikes. I talk about trying to beat that record in Week ‘Ten’.

I did not beat that record. It took me only 115 days to knit the second sock. Yikes!

Even though they took an absurd amount of time to get these done, I’m super happy. Not just that I don’t have to work on them anymore and that I get to start a new project – VERY EXCITING- but also that they fit! However, you can see that one is slightly bigger than the other, which I cannot remember if I did that purposefully…but I am glad because the second bigger sock fits so much more comfortably than the first try. I should maybe make notes on future projects as I always think I will remember stuff, but I actually do not.


I am also glad that I stuck in there and finished the second one, so many times I wanted to just give up! But it seemed silly to stop knitting a sock to just start knitting another sock…so I kept at it. I do not know if I will revisit this pattern, but it is useful to know it exists and it does make a sock that fits. But you know, a knitter always strives for better – and easier ways, so I’m moving on to a new sock method and pattern next week.

One thing I have learnt is that I will not be using this style of sock yarn again. On a very adventurous day of sock yarn and sock knitting equipment shopping I learnt that there is a world of very smooth and soft sock yarn. I felt many many yarns and now I  cant go back to the itchiness! My feet can hardly feel the itchiness of yarn, but still. I like knowing that the socks are being friendly to my toes. Plus,  I don’t know if it was my high tension knitting or what but once knitted it seemed to loose it’s thickness… does that make sense, or is it in my head? If you are interested to know, this sock yarn was called Heart & Sole and it is made by Sirdar, a UK company that I haven’t come across yet in Portland, so not sure if they stock it in the USA. But seriously, there is so much good sock yarn here you don’t even need to think about it.


Not sure what I’m going to do with this left over yarn. I was surprised there was so much!

As always, go and check in with my fellow sock knitters. We have a hashtag now too which is pretty fancy! Check up on our progress on instagram using #ThursdaySockAlong

Paula from Spin a Yarn

Alex from Alex and Knits

Katherine from Fiber and Sustenance

Jennifer from A Creative Yarn

If you want to join with us every Thursday, all you have to do is write up a post on a Thursday about the socks you are knitting. Let us know you want to join in and we will link you in each of our posts:) Everyone is welcome!




10 thoughts on “knitting socks | finished. Week 21 or something.

  1. When I taught knitting, to children, we always made the two socks simultaneously. That way, not only did both get completed, but they were also the same size.

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  2. Woo hoo! You finally finished them and they are gorgeous!!! I am so glad you stuck with it and can’t wait to see what’s up next on your needles 🙂 Congratulations on finding a new friend too. It can be so hard to do. You should see how much sock yarn is in my stash…I sit here and stare at it, wondering which one will find its way onto my needles next. Oh, all the yarn pretties….come to me my precious. Have you checked out Etsy? It’s going to be my downfall one of these days.

  3. Woot! Woot! Lovely socks finished, settling into new job, making new friends… Great to read about your progress and I’m so glad you are finding your feet (he!he!) in Portland 😀

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